October 12-14, 2018

Holiday Inn Airport West
3400 Rider Trail South
Earth City, MO 63045
For Reservations call: 314-291-6800
And press 0 for hotel desk

Room reservations must be made through the hotel at the room rate of $114 under GGA (Gateway Guppy Associates). Hotel will guarantee rate until September 28, 2018.

Any difficulty making arrangements, please contact Jack or Cathy Mertz  at 636-294-0922 or .

Directions to the hotel: from I-70 take Exit 231B, Earth City Expressway North. Follow
Earth City Expressway 1⁄4 mile to Rider Trail South. Turn left onto Rider Trail South to
the hotel on the left (Stay in right lane so you DO NOT turn where it says to go left to I-70 West).

Hotel does furnish airport shuttle from Lambert International Airport (STL) and to
attractions within 5 miles of the Hotel (Hollywood/Ameristar Casinos and Main Street in St. Charles).

A hot breakfast buffet is furnished up to 2 guests per room.

Banquet fee is $40/per person.

Need to contact Cathy Mertz NO LATER than October 3, 2018 if you wish to attend the
banquet at either or 636-294-0922. (Hotel needs numbers that week.)
Payment Due NO LATER than 4:00pm on Friday, October 12, 2018 UNLESS Cathy
Mertz has been notified otherwise. (Hotel has requested the money on Friday.)


3:00 PM Set Up

8:30 AM Registration Opens
4:00 Registration Closes
Seminars: 9:00 AM Registration Program
1:00 PM Judging Seminar

Hospitality and Fishroom Tour at Leroy McCreary’s Home

8:30 AM Entries open
9:00 AM Annual IFGA Meeting
2:00 PM Entries close
2:30 PM Judging Begins
7:00 PM Drinks Obtained at the Bar
7:30 PM Banquet served
8:00 AM Showroom opens
9:00 AM Auction
11:00 De-benching

Entry show forms need to indicate whether award cards or plaques are desired. Entry
show forms may be obtained on the IFGA website: under Show Section.

No fish will be allowed to be removed from the show bench prior to the scheduled de-
benching unless arrangements have been made prior to the show at the emails below.

Shawn Bellman
John Allen

Jack Mertz
44 Lions Head Court
O’Fallon, MO 63368

Courtesy email prior to shipping is appreciated.
Use the carrier’s “no signature required” option, if available.

Please ship early! No Saturday pick up is guaranteed!

Shipped in entries must be received before 5:00 PM Friday, October 12, 2018 or they will not be entered in the show. Entries must include completed entry show forms and
exhibitor’s phone number. All entries must be prepaid. Sufficient return shipping fare,
bags and return labels must be included if fish are to be returned. Breather Bags may be  sed for shipping to/from the show. IF Breather Bags are used, Breather Bags must be supplied for the return. Otherwise, minimum size 3” x 10” bags are required to return fish per IFGA rules.


1. All entries must be registered by 2:00 PM local time on Saturday, May 6, 2017.

2. Exhibitor will determine the class of entry. Assistance will be available at the show
prior to registration.

3. All entries improperly classified will be disqualified.

4. Tanks will be furnished; no plants, decorations, or gravel will be allowed to be
displayed with the fish.

5. Every precaution will be taken against loss of fish; however, GATEWAY GUPPY
ASSOCIATES and the IFGA assume no responsibility for any loss of fish.

6. All entries must be born and raised in the exhibitor’s tanks.

7. Fish will be judged visually according to IFGA standards. A uniform black background
and available fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and natural lighting will be used.

8. Judging will be according to IFGA standards and all decisions of the judges will be

9. All entry fees must be paid at time of registration. Shipped entries, which are to be
returned, must include return postage fees and mailing label, along with bags for returning fish. No entry fees will be refunded after fish are benched.

10. Sale of fish, other than through the GGA Sunday auction or GGA Special Sale, is
strictly prohibited and may result in forfeiture of points received at show.

11. Fish that are received dead or that die during the show will not be returned. Returning
dead fish can contaminate the live fish being returned.

12. The auction will be a standard verbal auction. Entries to be auctioned must be clearly noted on the entry show form. Females of the same strain must be included with all males and males must be included with all females to be auctioned. No single males or females will be auctioned without a mate. Additional trios and pairs may be sent to be placed in the auction and should be clearly marked with the breeders name, strain and age of fish.
G.G.A. will retain 50% of the sale of all auctioned fish. Any fish not receiving an
opening bid or does not have an appropriate mate will be retained by GGA.

13. All entries will be benched and de-benched by GGA members only. All travel boxes
to be kept in exhibitors’ rooms. NO EXCEPTIONS! All entries should be placed in the
next available position within the class. No one, other than individuals appointed by the
show chairmen may move or re-arrange tanks already positioned on the show bench prior to judging!


Tanks, Deltas, Females, and Breeders
1st place: plaque and certificate
2nd-4th place: certificates
Best of show:1st place – 4th place: plaque and certificate


Tanks (2 matched males) $3.00
Single (1 male or 1 female) $2.00
Breeders (5 matched males) $4.00
(3 matched females) $4.00
Juniors (16 years or younger) Free

Single male and single female entries will be displayed in one quart plastic tanks. A female may be added to the male but will not be judged.
Tank entries consist of two matched males and will be displayed in a one-half gallon
plastic tank. A female may be added but will not be judged.
Breeder entries consist of 5 matched males or three matched females and will be displayed in a 1 1/4 gallon tank. Two females may be added to the breeder male entry but will not be judged.
Junior class is open to anyone 16 years of age or younger that has raised their own fish.
Novice class is open to anyone who has never won an annual award or placed in the top two of the Novice Class.

Tank Classes Delta Classes Veil Classes
Red Red All Color Veil
Blue Blue Novice Veil/Sword
Green Green Junior Veil/Sword
Black Black Female Classes
Multi Multi Red
AOC AOC Blue/Green
Yellow Yellow Black
Purple Purple Gold
Albino (Red) Albino (Red) AOC
Albino (AOC) Albino (AOC) Half Black AOC
Bronze Bronze Half Black Red
Gold Gold Bronze
Half Black Green Half Black Green Albino
Half Black Red Half Black Red Novice
Half Black Blue Half Black Blue Junior
Half Black Pastel Half Black Pastel Breeder Classes
Half Black AOC Half Black AOC Males (5 matched)
Half Black Yellow Half Black Yellow Females (3 matched)
Half Black Purple Half Black Purple * Breeder classes all colors combined
Red Bicolor Red Bicolor
Blue/Green Bicolor Blue/Green Bicolor
AOC Bicolor AOC Bicolor
Snakeskin Solid Snakeskin Solid
Snakeskin Variegated Snakeskin Variegated
Single Swordtail Single Swordtail
Double Swordtail Double Swordtail
Novice Novice
Junior Junior

Probationary Classes:  Not eligible for Grand Overall awards

H/B WHITE                    H/B WHITE