President: Shawn Bellman
Vice President: John Schneider
Treasurer: Cathy Mertz
Secretary: Jack Mertz
Delegate: John Allen
Alternate: John Flack
Contact: Mike Slater

John Allen
Sally Brieler
Tony Brieler
Carter Bellman
Cooper Bellman
Macy Bellman
Shawn Bellman
Gordon Easterling
Susan Easterling
Helene Edmonds
Rich Edmonds
John Flack
Jennifer Flack
Kay Golimowski
Mike Golimowski
Cliff Hamm
Susan Hamm
Leroy McCreary
Cathy Mertz
Jack Mertz
John Schneider
Sophie Schneider

John Allen
John joined GGA in 1982 and lives in Paris, MO. He  created the GGA website. He raises  yellows, greens, Moscow blacks and purples, lace snakeskins, and a line of AOC bi colors. He’s also involved in raising bettas and angels. John helps set up the show and usually handles the Sunday morning auction. He also helps with shipped in entry benching and returning these fish.

Shawn, Macy, Cooper and Carter Bellman
Shawn is the President of the club and works on the club website. Shawn has had aquariums of one sort or another for 30 years. His earliest fish memory was the day that he tried to suprise his Mom and Dad by moving the fish from the family aquarium to the 10′ steel pool in the back yard. Needless to say that didnt end well for the fish or the babysitter. He has successfully raised one fish fanatic who spends a lot of time on the salt side and is working on doing the same with three more. Macy, Cooper and Carter all help feed the fish and Shawns Wife Joanne is the best in the world for letting it all happen. They are just getting started with guppies and are currently raising lines of reds, blues, red lace and blue lace.

Tony and Sally Brieler
Tony and Sally Brieler are both retired educators from central Illinois. Tony is the addicted fish nut and Sally goes along to help. There was that 8th grade graduation present of a ten gallon tank hand made by an uncle that got it all started in 1962. Tony realized pet stores would buy good looking guppies soon after; with the invention of silicone seal he made his first tank in 1968, 65 gallons. During his years as a Jr. High science teacher, Tony always kept tanks with reproducing fish to give to unsuspecting students. At retirement he decided to give fishkeeping a more serious chance and has worked at getting populations of quality guppies strains. Thanks to Gateway people, he has very nice half black pastels and also keeps Moscow blacks, and albino reds.

Gordon & Susan Easterling
Gordon and his wife, Susan, are members of both the Deep South club and Gateway Guppy. Gordon has many, many lines of show fish. He has numerous annual awards earned by showing his fish. Gordon helps at any show he attends with whatever is asked of him.

Rich,Helene and Hannah Edmonds
Rich and Helene live in St. Charles, MO and joined GGA in 2010.  He raises half black yellow and greens.  He also raises angels and discus. You can check out Richs’ website @ Helene supports Rich’s hobby by feeding the fish. Hannah has become our newest Junior member.

Mike & Kay Golimowski
Mike has been around guppies for many years. He’s a second generation member of Guppy Associates International Chicago as well as the IFGA. Mike and Kays’ sons also showed making them a three generation family. Mike and Kay have helped Gateway Guppy with our shows for years. I remember them being at Gateway shows when I started with Gateway in 1982. The Golimowski family members have always been ready to volunteer to help with anything needed at our shows. They joined Gateway this spring. Mike has raised many lines over the years but is best known for raising gold guppies.

Cliff and Susan Hamm
Cliff has been a member of Gateway since 1997. At present, Cliff is inactive due to family considerations.  Susan makes the best cookies to share with us at our gatherings.

Leroy & Rose McCreary
Leroy and Rose originally joined GGA in 1987; left in 2004 and joined again in 2010.  Leroy has rebuilt his fish room.  Unfortunately, Rose passed away in 2017.  Leroy lives in Florissant, MO.

Cathy Mertz
Cathy joined GGA in 1998 and lives in O’Fallon, MO.  She does not raise guppies, but supports Jack’s hobby.   She is currently the Treasurer for the club and handles the registration at the show and enters judging results along with helping with setting up/tearing down; the auction; and hospitaility at the IFGA show.  Cathy also helps at other club’s shows as needed.   Cathy was the Awards/Points Chairman for the IFGA for 7 years and gave that up in 2017.

Jack Mertz
Jack joined GGA in 1998 and lives in O’Fallon, MO. He raised four lines of guppies. He is the Secretary for GGA and also contact person for the club. His duties at the show include receiving shipped in fish; setting up/tearing down for the show; benching/de-benching and bagging shipped out fish along with the auction. Jack shows at most and judges at many shows to support the other clubs. Jack raised fish as a child but never stayed with it long. When he was laid off from work it turned into a good hobby but then got bored again after a few years. Jack was introduced to GGA when he met Leroy McCreary at his store, Guppies Galore. He attended a GGA auction and was hooked from then on! Jack prefers raising guppies to other fish due to the fact that they are short lived and have a quick changeover. You need to spend special attention and you cannot leave them for very long.  Jack released the last of his fish into his pond behind his home on Labor Day, 2016.

John Schneider and his daughter, Sophie Schneider
John is a Pharmacist from Lincoln, illinois with my 11 year old (and junior member) Sophie. We are (attempting, struggling,) to raise Black AOC line we got from Stan Schubel and a red line we got from Simeon Bonev. I have had to bone up on my biology and chemistry classes in understanding the complicated aspect of advanced guppy keeping. This really gives us a fun project to share with my daughter that doesn’t come on an app on her iPhone. As an added bonus, we are meeting great people in the St. Louis community and really, through out the usa. John Schneider is Vice President of GGA.